The Legend of Amanoiwato
During the “Age of the Gods” there lived a fearsome God by the name of Susano, who destroyed rice fields and peeled the skin off live horses.
Angry at the violent deeds of her younger brother Susano, the Sun Goddess, Amaterasu, hid in Amanoiwato Cave. With the Goddess of the Sun hiding in the cave, the world became cloaked in darkness and evil was rife. The myriad of Gods were greatly distressed by this and called a meeting at Amanoyasukawara to discuss how to lure the Sun Goddess out of the cave and restore sunlight.
Since it was known that the roosters crow in the morning to invite the sun to rise, it was decided to place a rooster outside the cave to entice the Sun Goddess out.
The attempt failed however, so the Gods then performed a lively festival outside the cave, led by a dance by Amenouzume. Curious as to what was happening outside, Amaterasu opened the door of the cave a little and peeked out. Meanwhile the strongest of the Gods, Tajikarao, removed the door completely, releasing the Goddess of Sun. The world became bright and peace reigned once again.
社務所 8:30~17:00